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Applied bacteriology in farm animals: antibiotic resistance, inmunology, metagenomics

This service guarantees a complete bacteriological characterization of samples received from veterinarians or companies for their analysis using classical identification methods (selective culture plates, biochemical tests, etc.) and advanced molecular techniques. Additionally, antibiotics resistance studies are performed.


  • Classical microbiological cultures serve as first step for isolation of bacteria which will be further identified using a Vitek 2 compact system (BioMerieux).
  • A fine PCR and sequencing analysis can also be performed if a more precise identification of the isolated bacteria is required.
  • Quantitative studies performed by real time-PCR can be also requested.
  • Additional antibiotic resistance analysis can be done using different systems, such as Neosensitabs discs, e-test strips or dilution system.
  • Analysis of intestinal microbiota by next generation sequence
  • Studies with new pro and prebiotics in farm animals.
  • Large experience in experimental infections in animal models
  • Development of new vaccines. Efficacy and safety studies.
  • Studies under GLP and GCP.
  • Inmunological studies: inmunoglobulines, citokines.


Examples of previous achievements

  • Our laboratory has many years of experience in bacterial identification and characterization, serving both the industry and the governmental agencies.
  • Development and registration of avian vaccine of salmonella.
  • Studies about efficacy of different products used instead of antibiotics.
  • Studies about efficacy of different products used as a probiotics


Download all the services at IRTA-CReSA (PDF)