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Applications of computed tomography to food industry

Computed tomography (CT) is one of the emerging technologies of interest to the food industry as it allows a non destructive characterization and control of food products throughout the elaboration process. This enables the study of the evolution of the product after being subjected to different processes. It also facilitates the study of internal food structures.



  • Support for the design and development of new processes.
  • Optimization of elaboration processes of meat and fish with reduced salt content.
  • Classification of carcasses according to fat content level.
    Evaluation of the quality in the final product.
  • Control of drying and ripening in food (e.g. meat, fish, fruits, cheeses, etc.).
  • Evaluation of the quality and the ripening level in fruit.
  • Analysis of the internal structures in food.



  • Improvement of productivity and automation.
  • Improvement of product quality.
  • Design of new processes.
  • Optimization of processes.
  • Study of freezing/thawing processes.
  • Study of the gradient of water in various products.
  • Study of defective formation in the interior part of the product.
  • Study of structure and texture of all types of food (e.g. eye formation in cheeses).
  • Estimation of the fat content in meat.
  • Support for the design of processes to produce products with a reduced salt content.