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Almonds varieties Tarraco

  • Breeders’ reference: IRTAMB-A21-169.
  • Breeding number (IRTAalmond cultivar breeding programme): “21-169”.
  • Origin: seedling derived from the cross “FLTU18” x “Anxaneta”, made in 1991 at Mas de Bover (Constantí, Tarragona).
  • Protected cultivar: Plant Variety Rights pending from OEVV and CPVO. Temporary protection granted.


Pomological traits

  • Tree vigour: medium. Its vigour is enough to maintain a good balance between production and vegetative growth.
  • Foliage density: dense.
  • Growth habit: medium-upright.
  • Branching density: medium-scarce.
  • Training and pruning: very easy.
  • Nuts location: mainly on spurs.
  • Blooming time: very late (after “Ferragnès”). At Mas de Bover 35 days after “Desmayo Largueta” (average of 12 years of observations).
  • S compatibility genotipe: S1S9.
  • Pollination: cross-pollination needed.
  • Pollinators: “Marinada”, having a similar blooming date.
  • Blooming density: very high.
  • Length of blooming: medium.
  • Bearing precocity: extremely precocious.
  • Cropping capacity: very high.
  • Cropping regularity: good. Low alternate bearing.
  • “Fusicoccum” (Phomopsis amygdali Del.) tolerance: very tolerant.
  • “Red leaf blotch” (Polystigma ochraceum Whal.) tolerance: susceptible.
  • Harvesting season: medium-late.
  • Harvesting ease: good. At maturity nuts keep attached to their branches and, when shaking, they drop easily.
  • Husking ease: good. The husk is separated easily from the shell.


Commercial traits

  • Nut shape: oblong.
  • Kernel size: big (1,7 g).
  • Shelling percentage: 32 %.
  • Shell texture: hard.
  • Double kernels: without doubles(0,1 %).
  • Kernel appearance: attractive Skin smooth and clear attractive. clear.
  • Blanched kernel composition: oil: 53,4 %; protein: 24,6 %; soluble sugars: 2,9 %; total fiber: 9,3 %; water: 4,7 %.


Global assessment

“Tarraco” shows some outstanding traits. It is highly productive and very precocious. It flowers very late. It is very easy to train and prune. Good kernel, big-sized. It is tolerant to “fusicoccum” and susceptible to “red leaf blotch”. It is self-incompatible and thus needs cross-pollination. It can be associated with “Marinada” as their blooming time overlap. The combination of “Tarraco” and “Marinada”, both very early bearing and showing medium vigour, can be considerated for establishing semi-intensive orchards at close spacing.

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