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TECHWEL: Technological developments for animal welfare certification and early risk assessment in intensive pork and poultry production chains

Starting date: 01/01/2019 End date: 31/12/2021
Programme: Animal Welfare

Financing entities:

The main objective of the project is to develop new technologies (apps) for the assessment of well-being based on the shared knowledge of both groups, aimed at both pigs and poultry, and applying both to farm and slaughterhouse.

Some of the most important challenges for the sustainability of intensive production in pigs and poultry will be addressed:

  1. To address consumers¿ animal welfare concerns.
  2. To increase system efficiency and animal performance by promoting good management practices in accordance to animal welfare
  3. To develop tools for a better control of animal welfare problems that are a cause of major societal and economic concern in intensive pork and meat poultry industries

The transformation of the assessment and auditing protocols into accessible easy to use apps will permit:

  • To develop better, more efficient and standardized tools for animal welfare auditing processes;
  • Will permit end users to perform blind self assessment so that producers can be better prepared to confront the auditing process;
  • To facilitate a more efficient manner of collecting animal health and welfare data so that management practices can be optimized to reach better health and welfare outcomes, thus improving the long term efficiency and sustainability of intensive production systems;
  • To facilitate risk assessment of major welfare problems such as tail biting in pigs or leg problems in broilers, or to meet legal requirements for data collection at the slaughter plant regarding animal welfare in a standarized manner