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SUSTAINOLIVE: Novel approaches to promote the SUSTAInability of OLIVE groves in the Mediterranean

Starting date: 01/06/2019 End date: 31/05/2022
Programme: Integral Organic Waste Management

Financing entities:

The objective of SUSTAINOLIVE is to enhance the sustainability of the olive grove farming throughout the implementation and promotion of novel sustainable technological solutions (STSs) that are based on agroecological concepts, and on knowledge exchange and co-creation among key actors and end-users.

To achieve this, SUSTAINOLIVE wil:

  1. Identified the diversity of pedoclimatic, landscape, socio-economic and policy conditions, along with the heterogeneity in the technological knowledge, that is encountered across the main Mediterranean olive oil producing countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco), thanks to the active participation of end-users in a participatory platform.
  2. Identify an array of STSs and strategies adapted to the wide diversity of the olive grove cultivation,
  3. Evaluate a wide range of variables related to ecosystems services and socio-economic and LifeCycle assessment in a network of olive farms which have already implemented the identified STSs, and iv) implement innovative technologies (e.g. composting, struvite production) for reusing olive mill by-products for agricultural purposes.