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RASCS: Risk assessment for contaminants in seafood

Starting date: 15/04/2021 End date: 21/06/2023
Programme: Aquaculture

Principal investigator:

Financing entities:

RASCS is a proposal focusing on Knowledge exchange between “knowledge sharing” organizations, within the field of contaminants in seafood. As described in the impact section, it is expected that RASCS promotesand improvescapacity building of absolutely all participating institutions (7), therefore improving the capacity of 6 EU countriesin Risk Assessment and Risk Communication: Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

As described below, the expectations of RASCS is to go beyond knowledge exchange, and promoteanalysis of current methodologies and approaches regarding Risk Assessment and Risk
Communication of contaminants in seafoodto increase the preparedness to face future impacts and challenges. By doing so, we expect to optimize the impact of constituting this exceptional consortium and to provide EFSA, and EUmember states, our vision to propose future strategies in
the EU on these topics.