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LIFE EBRO-ADMICLIM: Pilot project for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in Ebro Delta

Starting date: 02/06/2014 End date: 01/06/2018
Programme: Marine and Continental Waters

Principal investigator:

Financing entities:

The LIFE EBRO-ADMICLIM project  puts forwards pilot actions for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the Ebro Delta (Catalonia, Spain), a vulnerable area to sea level rise and subsidence. We propose an integrated approach for managing water, sediment and habitats (rice fields and wetlands), with the multiple aim of optimizing ground elevation (through inputs of inorganic sediment and organic matter), reducing coastal erosion, increasing the accumulation (sequestration) of carbon in the soil, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), and improving water quality.

Website of the project: