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PIONER: Process Integration for syntrophic acetate and autotrophic ammonia Oxidations in the anaerobic treatment of Nitrogen-rich organic wastes for Energy Recovery (PIONER)

Starting date: 26/06/2017 End date: 31/12/2020
Programme: Integral Organic Waste Management

Financing entities:

This proposal is aimed at developing a system that allows the full treatment of animal wastes for energy recovery based on the anaerobic (co) digestion for biogas production. The process consists of a digester enriched with syntrophic acetate oxidizing bacteria (SAO). After the removal of all biodegradable organic matter, the liquid fraction of the digestate will be treated in a second reactor with partial nitritation/ANAMMOX for the autotrophic elimination of nitrogen surplus. According to the available literature, this project would represent one of the first implementations of the smart bioreactor concept in environmental biotechnology.