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OPRENAC: Advanced technologies to optimize energy and nutrients recovery form agri-food wastewaters

Starting date: 26/06/2017 End date: 26/12/2020
Programme: Integral Organic Waste Management

Financing entities:

The residual liquid effluents with high organic and nutrient load from agri-food industry produce environmental impacts of concern. In the case of pig manure and its liquid fraction in high density livestock production areas, to study new processes for its valorisation as raw materials is a requirement, and in the case of wastewaters from some industries it is necessary to study techniques allowing substitute current high energy consumption treatment technologies.

In sub-project 1 the bioelectrochemical systems (BES) will be studied. These bioreactors use the microorganisms growing as biofilms on the electrodes for catalysing oxidative or reductive reactions on the anode and/or the cathode.

In sub-project 2, the application of the anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (AnSBR) concept will be studied, as system allowing low hydraulic retention time (low reactor volumes) and high solid or cellular retention time, with the consequent high methanogenic activity.