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New marker-based strategies for peach breeding: marker assisted introgression and resynthesis

Starting date: 26/06/2017 End date: 25/06/2020
Programme: Genomics and Biotechnology

Financing entities:

The main objective of the project is to find slight variants of this variety that would confer new properties (different maturity time, skin or flesh color, disease resistance, etc.) to a genotype of high commercial interest. Once the two lines that generate the variety will be available, it will be possible to integrate other genes of interest (especially disease resistances of fruit quality genes) coming from other origins. All this can be done with a predictable cost and timeframe (two generations). In this project we will take the first step of this method by creating a large F2 progeny from of a top variety and selecting with markers the individuals sought. By taking advantage of recent results in genomics and unlocking almost unused sources of genetic variability, resynthesis and MAI may contribute to a more efficient peach breeding that meets its most important goals.