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INFLUOMA - Searching the molecular mechanisms of avian influenza virus infection outcome in the avian host by using a multi-omic approach.

Starting date: 01/09/2021 End date: 31/08/2024
Programme: Animal Health

Financing entities:

The objective of this project is to define key biological pathways to predict mortality or survival after HPAIV infection in the avian host by using different -omic tools, such as transcriptomics and proteomics that may help to obtain a systems-level understanding of an infectious process. For that, experimental infection with an HPAIV H7N1 strain will be carried out in commercial broiler chickens in order to study the early response to the viral infection.

Aims to identify the host genes responsible for resistance to avian influenza that will allow us to understand the mechanisms by which hosts respond to disease and will provide potential targets for marker-assisted selection, improved vaccine design, and possible future gene-editing technologies.