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PPCPERSIST: Immunopathogenesis of persistent and subclinical infections generated by classical swine fever virus

Starting date: 01/01/2016 End date: 12/07/2020
Programme: Animal Health

Financing entities:

This proposal is based on the results generated in recent years on pathogenesis, immunology, viral evolution and design of new strategies for vaccination and diagnostics against CSF virus (CSFV). These results were obtained during the development of several research projects (AGL2012-38343; CSD2006-00007 BIO2008-04487-C03-03) where furthermore, a methodology for the study of this virus has been generated.

he precedents established with these results make us consider the need for this proposal to deepen aspects of pathogenesis and immunology of a new form of CSF recently described by our group: the viral persistence after postnatal infection and the ability of different viral strains to generate unapparent forms, that play a major role in the spread and CSFV perpetuation in endemic countries, providing relevant information to the CSF control.

The development of this proposal will be implemented at CReSA, research center that has a BSL-3 facility, which is part of the map of scientific and technical singular infrastructures (ICTS) MINECO, Government of Spain.