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ECOCUIT Task Force - Strategies for improved preservation and sustainability of ready-to-eat packaged organic cooked meat products

Starting date: 19/05/2022 End date: 30/09/2024
Programme: Food Quality and Technology

Financing entities:

Projecte finançat a través de l’Operació 16.01.01 de Cooperació per a la innovació del Programa de desenvolupament rural de Catalunya 2014-2022.

The ECOCUIT operational group is formed by the consortium of companies: EMBUTIDOS MONELLS, as leader, LA CHARCUTERÍA ALEMANA-SCHARA, as beneficiary member, FECIC, as non-beneficiary member, and IRTA, as technological centre and coordinator.

The main objective of the project is to train meat processing companies in the necessary strategies for the development of ready-to-eat packaged organic cooked meat products to meet consumer demands in terms of “clean label”, shelf life and sustainability. along the value chain.