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GO ALCONT: Rationalization of the use of phytosanitary control of the Alternaria in apple tree by models of risk prediction and handle techniques of crop

Starting date: 01/06/2020 End date: 30/09/2022
Programme: Fruit Production

Financing entities:

The main objective of this project is to reduce the number of fungicide treatments aimed to monitor apple alternariosis.

Secondary objectives consists to rationalize the use of plant protection products; prioritize methods of defense of low environmental impact, reduce the level of waste and problems arising from the presence of waste in the fruit and, finally, encourage cooperation for innovation between the production sector and research.

The specific objectives are:

1) Validate and evaluate different models for predicting the risk of Alternaria infections in order to reduce the number of fungicide treatments and improve their positioning.

2) To study the effect of the reduction of inoculum on the control of Alternaria.

3)Implement the Alternaria risk prediction in the phytosanitary
warning service.