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FUNCATH: Prevention of vascular catheter-related infections by the functionalization of catheters with thermically activated hydrogels with antimicrobial agents of broad spectrum

Starting date: 21/06/2019 End date: 20/06/2022
Programme: Ruminant Production

Financing entities:

The project has four objectives:

  1. Produce multifunctional antimicrobial proteins based on different combinations of HDPs, with broad-spectrum activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
  2. Design and synthetize a thermoresponsive hydrogel to coat the surfaces of catheters. The hydrogel contain the synthetized antimicrobial peptides specifically activated at body temperature, thus exposing the antimicrobial peptides to the hydrogel surface
  3. Evaluate the activity of the selected combinations antimicrobial proteins/hydrogel against some of the most relevant microorganisms involved in device-related infections with an in vitro biofilm-forming model, and identify the most active combination.
  4. Compare the ability to prevent infections related to central-line catheters coated with the selected most active antimicrobial proteins/hydrogel versus antibiotics, in a catheter-related infection model in rabbit.