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FITOGEL: Phytogels and salinated lands. Innovation for the sustainability of clam farming in the Mediterranean coast

Starting date: 19/11/2019 End date: 19/11/2021
Programme: Marine and Continental Waters

Financing entities:

The project will evaluate the results of the use of phytoplankton gel in seed production and the termination phase by means of different quality parameters, from the morphology of the larvae to gene expression.

It will also evaluate the results of performing the clam fattening on land in an experimental field.

The results obtained will be presented to the aquaculture and fisheries sector in the form of a guide of good practices with the design of how to carry out the installation, and an economic valuation.

In this project, new strains of microalgae will also be obtained, from which the most interesting ones for bivalve aquaculture will be selected and made available to the general public through their deposit in a collection.