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Strategies for the sustainable control of Monilinia Spp in almond trees - MONCONTROL

Starting date: 01/09/2022 End date: 30/09/2024
Programme: Postharvest

Financing entities:

Projecte finançat a través de l’Operació 16.01.01 (Cooperació per a la innovació) a través del Programa de desenvolupament rural de Catalunya 2014-2022.

Today, with the few materials with fungicidal activity authorized for almond cultivation, it is difficult to maintain and manage diseases below the damage threshold. The main concern in the near future, when all the plantations that are being planted in recent years come into production, will be the high pressure of old and new diseases. Therefore, it is now when work must be done to improve the knowledge of these diseases in order to implement strategies to improve their management. This project will mainly address studies related to the control of Monilinia spp. specifically, its dispersal capacity and the effect of environmental factors (abiotic factors) and variety (biotic factor) on its infective process will be evaluated. To improve its control, different products with fungicidal activity, both synthetic and alternative, will be evaluated, establishing their optimal time of application, as well as the study of different cultural practices complementary to fungicide treatments to reduce inoculum pressure in the field. Finally, and with all the information provided by these studies, a strategy will be designed to carry out a sustainable control of Monilinia spp. in almond trees.



The main objective of the MONCONTROL project is to design new control strategies against Monilinia Spp. in almond trees, applied in the field. Therefore, the following specific objectives will be taken into account:

To finalize the epidemiological studies of Monilinia Spp. in almond trees, in order to design new control strategies.
To evaluate the efficacy in the laboratory of different types of fungicides for the control of Monilinia Spp.
To evaluate in the field the fungicides with the best laboratory results and to determine the optimum time of application of these products for the control of Monilinia Spp.
Identify and evaluate different cultural practices for inoculum reduction and disease control in the field.

Design a sustainable control strategy to reduce/minimize the incidence of Monilinia spp. in almond trees.