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Campylobacter epidemiology in poultry farms in Spain: prevalence, circulating sub-types, risk factors and infection dynamics in farms.

Starting date: 19/10/2009 End date: 19/10/2015
Programme: Animal Health

Financing entities:



The objectives of the project are:

  1. To determine Campylobacter’s prevalencia in broilers and the associate factors of risk.
  2. To study in detail the dynamics of Campylobacter’s transmission between(among) lots and farms.
  3. To determine the paper(role) of the interior environment of the ships, as well as the health and animal(rude) well-being in the settling.
  4. To determine the paper(role) of the exterior(foreign) environment of the ships in the settling of the lots of broilers; especially, to examine the importance that the flies can have as vectors of Campylobacter’s transmission. 
  5. To determine the distribution of Campylobacter’s subtypes in Spain and his(her,your) relation with the climate and geography.