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ECOCARN -Extension of the shelf life of organically certified pork and beef products

Starting date: 18/06/2020 End date: 30/09/2022
Programme: Food Safety and Functionality

Financing entities:

The overall aim of the project is to increase the current shelf life of various organically certified pork and beef products (beef and pork burgers, fresh pork sausage, Catalan pork sausage and egg sausage and white pudding) and provide the two companies in the consortium (Carns de confiança – Pirinat and the company Embotits Salgot, S.A.) with the tools to increase their competitiveness in the market so that they become a benchmark in the national meat sector.

The organisation, technology, knowledge, hygiene, packaging and logistics of pork and beef in these twocompanies must be evaluated in order to achieve the overall aim.

The following specific technical objectives are set:

  • Evaluate the hygienic and technological quality of meat as a raw material to ensure the highest quality when it is processed into meat products.
  • Monitor and manage the critical factors on which the shelf life of the meat products evaluated depends.
  • Evaluate the materials, packaging systems and environmental conditions (temperature and relative humidity) that improve the preservation of meat products from the perspective of safety and quality.
  • Integrate improvements on an industrial scale (additives and ingredients, processing and packaging) to obtain high-quality products.