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ECO Millora: Improving the efficiency in the use of organic wheat nitrogen through plant material and crop management.

Starting date: 22/07/2020 End date: 01/09/2021
Programme: Sustainable Field Crops

Financing entities:

The objectives of this project are:

  1. Determine the production and quality (protein) of organic wheat with different practices to improve the availability of N, based on the plant material used and the management of the crop, identifying which forms of cultivation lead to better yield and protein content of the grain. To achieve this goal, ten varieties of wheat with different characteristics defined by their ability to compete with weeds, phenology, and their productive potential will be evaluated, all of them placed in different situations of N availability: with or without organic fertilization. (application of slurry) and in pure cultivation or in mixture with legumes (favón).
  2. To know the efficiency of the use of nitrogen (EUN) of the different forms of cultivation of the ecological wheat evaluated. The EUN (kg grain/kg N available) in this proposal is defined as the yield of wheat grain relative to the nitrogen available for wheat throughout its cultivation cycle (soil contribution + puree contribution + legume contribution).
  3. Examine and identify the main factors that affect the availability of N for wheat, and look for the causes that condition this availability. The establishment of the crop and the phenological cycle in each of the treatments will be monitored, making determinations of plant density, degree of coverage, date of earing, and occurrence of diseases.
  4. Establish on a pilot-scale demonstration actions with some of the organic wheat cultivation systems evaluated and transfer the results obtained from the project to the sector. There will be several demonstration actions in three agro-climatic areas in Catalonia aimed at the interests of farmers who will select the ways to improve the N that best fit their production objectives. In addition, a field demonstration day and the dissemination of results via publications are scheduled.