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COMdeHORT: Promotion of decentralised composting oriented to the application of compost in horticulture

Starting date: 01/12/2021 End date: 31/10/2024
Programme: Sustainability in Biosystems

Financing entities:

Activity financed through operation 01.02.01 Technology Transfer of the Rural Development Programme of Catalonia 2014-2022.

The aim of the COMdeHORT demonstration project is to promote circular agriculture, specifically, promoting decentralised composting in Catalonia on the basis of specific projects and experiences, focusing on the applicability of compost in the horticultural or agricultural field, in general.

A wide-ranging mapping of projects, experiences and actors will be carried out. The projects
projects or experiences will serve as a platform to: disseminate the proposed solutions and the knowledge generated (transfer and training) and to (transfer and training) and to analyse the sectors in order to define new challenges. COMdeHort will have a strong transfer character, it is endorsed by different entities from different sectors, and it will raise the feasibility of the future creation of a decentralised composting network for the production of quality compost for horticulture (and agriculture in general).

The aim of the demonstration project is to promote circular agriculture, specifically by promoting decentralised (or km 0) composting in Catalonia based on specific projects and experiences that have been carried out, are underway or may be carried out in the future, focusing on the applicability of compost in horticulture (or agriculture in general).

More information: COMdeHORT initial sheet (Ruralcat)