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CITRUSREG: Digitalisation of irrigation in citrus cultivation through sensors and adaptation to climate change by optimising water consumption.

Starting date: 01/12/2021 End date: 17/06/2024
Programme: Sustainable Plant Protection

Financing entities:

Activity funded through operation 01.02.01 Technology Transfer of the Rural Development Programme of Catalonia 2014-2022.

The main objective of the demonstration project is to obtain information on the behaviour of water movement in the soil in a commercial citrus plantation in which two irrigation doses are applied, one according to the reference evapotranspiration and the other according to the water content in the soil marked by the humidity probes installed in each plot.

The different specific objectives will therefore be to monitor the water content in the soil to facilitate the programming of irrigation needs, to determine the climatic data of the area (Aldover Agroclimatic Station) that can serve as a basis for the calculation of ETo and irrigation doses, to evaluate the operation of this monitoring platform under real production conditions throughout various production campaigns, and to evaluate different fruit quality parameters to check that this monitoring system does not produce a reduction in the quality of the fruit. The advances of the project will also be disseminated to the sector in order to carry out a totally sustainable citrus crop in this aspect.