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Characterization and efficiency of agrosystems for a production of Iberian pigs more sustainable

Starting date: 02/10/2014 End date: 31/05/2018

Principal investigator:

Financing entities:

The objectives of the project are:

a) To develop and implement innovative strategies in the field of food, reproductive control and the evaluation of the efficiency of the production system in order to optimize the production of Iberian pork in an economically sustainable way. Environmental, preserving the high quality of its products.

b) Propose improvements in farms to optimize production and establish reference values ​​to evaluate the effect of the strategies posed in nutrition, reproduction, animal welfare and product quality, in order to analyze the overall efficiency of the system and the evolution

c) Determine the effects of the different nutritional and reproductive strategies tested on the body composition in vivo, the quality of the channel and the meat and the organoleptic characteristics and preferences of the consumers.

d) To study the effects on the transcriptome of the diet with low protein diets and protocols of immunocastration of males.