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BIO-DISPLAS: Availability of microplastics in a Natura 2000 Network area: Ebre Delta Natural Park

Starting date: 01/09/2020 End date: 01/09/2022
Programme: Marine and Continental Waters

Financing entities:

Contamination by microplastics is a serious environmental problem that represents a threat to biodiversity. Recently, the number of studies and awareness campaigns on the impact of these particles on natural systems has grown. However, in coastal wetlands, and in the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta (PNDE) in particular, there are no studies on their availability for organisms and awareness campaigns are focused on macroplastics, neglecting the impact of microparticles. Then, to study the typology of microplastics is essential to evaluate its impact on biodiversity, but it is a costly task. Providing a machine learning tool for its classification will help in the management of this problem. The objectives of this proposal are the study of microplastics in the PNDE in terms of its availability, obtaining a tool for classification and promotion of social awareness.