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Agrivoltaism applied to the wine sector as a tool for climate change mitigation and fixation of the industry in the territory

Starting date: 01/01/2021 End date: 30/09/2021
Programme: Fruit Production

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The global project that is intended to promote seeks to solve a very
specific challenge of the wine sector through the generation of renewable
energy, such as the impact of climate change on the development of
vineyards that directly affects their organoleptic characteristics, among
them the structure of flavors, the fact that would force to look for new
locations that meet the suitable requirements that in the majority of cases
will imply a relocation of the industry to other countries. An alternative
solution is the combined use of these crops with photovoltaic solar
installations, the so-called agrivoltaism. It involves installing solar follower
structures above crops in order to reduce sun exposure and
consequently, potentially decrease thermal and water stress, as well as
protect against extreme weather events such as frost, hail, etc. . Allowing
normal development despite changes in climatic conditions.