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AgriCorboniCat: Carbon Farming in Catalonia

Starting date: 01/09/2022 End date: 31/12/2025
Programme: Marine and Continental Waters

Financing entities:

Funded by the DACC, Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, Government of Catalonia.


Agriculture, forestry and other land uses are responsible for 22% of global emissions, according to the IPCC (2022).

The Carbon Farming in Catalonia project, coordinated by IRTA and supported by CREAF and the University of Lleida, aims to study and develop methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon in agricultural soils. They will also develop efficient methods to calculate the balance between the release and capture of greenhouse gases from agricultural activity.

With funding of 600,000 € provided by the Climate Funds of the Generalitat de Catalunya, research on Carbon Farming in Catalonia will continue to advance over a period of three and a half years.

Dr. Maite Martínez-Eixarch, IRTA researcher and coordinator of the Carbon Farming project in Catalonia, will work together with Dr. Georgina Alins (IRTA), coordinator of the Regenerative Agriculture project in Catalonia, to achieve the objective set in both projects: to promote the transition towards sustainable agriculture.