At IRTA we work on horticulture production through different science programs specialized on plant production: Fruit Production, Genomics and Biotechnology, Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture and Susteinable Plant Protection.

The IRTA centers that work on it are:

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We offer 18 serveis about horticulture.

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  • Lafarga, T., Acién-Fernández, F., Castellari, M., Villaró, S., Bobo, G., & Aguiló-Aguayo, I. (2019). Effect of microalgae incorporation on the physicochemical, nutritional, and sensorial properties of an innovative broccoli soup. LWT, 111, 167-174. doi:10.1016/j.lwt.2019.05.037 http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12327/585 Horticulture
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  • Llorach, P.; Peña, J.; Rieradevall, J.; Montero, J.I. (2016). LCA & LCCA of a PCM application to control root zone temperatures of hydroponic crops in comparison with conventional root zone heating systems. Renewable Energy 85 :1079-1089 Horticulture
  • Escolà, A.; Martínez-Casanovas, J.A.; Rufat, J. ; Arnó, J.; Arbonés, A. ; Sebé, F.; Pascual, M.; Gregorio, E.; Rosell-Polo, J.R. (2017). Mobile terrestrial laser scanner applications in precision fruticulture/horticulture and tools to extract information from canopy point clouds. Precision Agriculture 18 :111-132 Horticulture
  • Foresi, L.; Schmutz, U.; Antón, A. ; Vieweger, A.; Bavec, M.; Meier, M.; Shahid, M.; Peña, N.; Petrasek, R.; Stajnko, D.; Vukmanic, T.; Landert, J.; WeiBhaidinger, R. (2016). Sustainability assessment tools for organic greenhouse horticulture. Brussels (Belgium): COST. (BioGreenhouse COST Action FA 1105. Towards a Sustainable and Productive EU Organic Greenhouse Horticulture) Horticulture