Plant Production


These are the IRTA scientific programs that work on plant production and agriculture:

Fruit Production (sweet fruit, nuts, olive and vineyard), Sustainable Field Crops, Postharvest, Sustainable Plant Protection, Genomics & Biotechnology, and Efficient Use of Water in Agriculture.


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We offer 43 serveis about plant production.


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  • López-Girona E., Zhang Y., Eduardo I., Mora J.R.H., Alexiou K.G., Arús P., Aranzana M.J. A deletion affecting an LRR-RLK gene co-segregates with the fruit flat shape trait in peach (2017) Scientific Reports, vol. 7 (1), Art. number 6714 Sweet fruit
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  • Gispert, J.R.; Ramírez de Cartagena, F.; Villar, J.M.; Rufat, J. ; Batlle, I. (2017). Efecto del número de goteros y la frecuencia de riego sobre la producción, calidad del fruto y productividad del aguaen una plantación de alta densidad de manzanos. ITEA 113 (1 ):20-35 Irrigation and Fertilization
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