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Sustainable Plant Protection

The priority of the programme is to improve plant health and crop production by developing innovative and low environmental impact control strategies. Main research lines are focused on the biology and epidemiology of pests and pathogens, the application of beneficial organisms able to achieve quality standards of agricultural and forest products and the sustainable management of agroecosystems through a well-balanced use of nutrients, water resources and biodiversity.


· Head: Jordi Riudavets
· Researchers: 19
· Support staff: 12
· Work centres: IRTA Cabrils, Ebro Field Station and Mas Badia.


Publicacions científiques destacades:


Zúñiga, E., Luque, J., & Martos, S. (2019). Lignin biosynthesis as a key mechanism to repress Polystigma amygdalinum, the causal agent of the red leaf blotch disease in almond. Journal Of Plant Physiology, 236, 96-104. doi:10.1016/j.jplph.2019.03.004

Aparicio, Y., Gabarra, R., Riudavets, J., Starý, P., Tomanović, Ž., & Kocić, K. et al. (2019). Hymenoptera Complex Associated with Myzus persicae and Hyalopterus spp. in Peach Orchards in Northeastern Spain and Prospects for Biological Control of Aphids. Insects, 10(4), 109. doi:10.3390/insects10040109

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