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Strategic Science Initiative on Antimicrobial Reduction in Animal Production

The increase in antibiotic resistance and the emergence of new resistance mechanisms that threaten the ability to treat common infectious diseases -such as tuberculosis, pneumonia or sepsis- entail a great socio-economic burden due to the high costs of treatment and, in the specific case of animals, due to the decrease in their productivity.

To avoid a post-antibiotic scenario, IRTA is working intensively on the development of holistic strategies that contribute to eliminate inadequate practices to reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases and offer diagnostic tools and alternative management and treatment strategies (such as new vaccines or development and validation of rapid detection methods).



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Linked scientific projects:


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  • The regulatory GENomE of SWine and CHicken: functional annotation during development (GENE-SWitCH).
    Contact: Maria Ballester
  • Genetic determination of immunological capacity in pigs: identification of functional genetic variants for the implementation of genomic selection (IMMUPIGEN)
    Contact: Maria Ballester
  • Gut microbiota and host genetics: joint contribution to efficiency, behavior and robustness in pigs (PIGBIOTA)
    Contact: Yuliaxis Ramayo-Caldas, Antoni Dalmau
  • HEALTHY_SNPIG: A pilot Open-Array project for genotyping potential causal mutations for immunity traits in pigs.
    Contact: Maria Ballester
  • GENEF: Improved feed efficiency in pigs and rabbits. Genetic determinism and selection strategies
    Contact: Juan Pablo Sánchez, Miriam Piles
  • GENEF2: Improvement of the effectiveness and viability of genetic selection programs to increase the feeding efficiency of prolific species
    Contact: Miriam Piles, Juan Pablo Sánchez
  • Impact of the reduction of the use of antibiotics in poultry farming on the presence of resistant Campylobacter spp
    Contact: Marta Cerdà
  • CAMPYBIO: Understanding host-pathogen interactions of Campylobacter infection in broilers in order to design targeted control strategies in poultry production.
    Contact: Marta Cerdà, Miquel Nofrarías
  • Optimization of diagnosis and treatment of post-weaning diarrheas in pigs: towards a rational use of antibiotics (RTI2018-095586-B-C22)
    Contact: Lourdes Migura/Laila Darwich
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility test as a tool for antimicrobial stewardship in fattening cattle.
    Contact: Lourdes Migura
  • Kit point of care for the detection of resistant bacteria (RES-KIT)
    Contact: Lourdes Migura
  • FunIbiota. Nasal microbiota functionality and effect on the immune response of piglets (FunIBiota)
    Contact: Virginia Aragón/Flor Correa
  • Program for Innovative Global Prevention of Streptococcus suis (PIGSs)
    Contact: Virginia Aragón
  • ITN INNOTARGETS: INNOvative approaches to identification of metabolic TARGETS for antimicrobials
    Contact: Virginia Aragón
  • Strategies to mitigate risk and biomarkers in the new paradigm of health and welfare of lactating calves – SAFECALF (PID2019-104021RB-I00) 
    Contact: Maria Devant / Sònia Martí
  • Production and validation of drugs based on host defense peptides for the treatment of Bovine Respiratory Syndrome – WEWINBRD (PID2019-107298RB-C21)
    Contact: Anna Arís /Elena Garcia
  • Prevention of vascular catheter-related infections by the FUNctionalization of CATHeters with thermically activated hydrogels with antimicrobial agents of broad spectrum (FUNCATH).
    Contact: Elena Garcia
  • Who and What
    Contact: Maria Devant
  • Instauració de protocols de treball per reduir l’ús d’antibiòtics en granges de boví lleter
    Contact: Marta Terré
  • Validation of the use of the proteins M-SAA3 and MMP-9 in the improvement of the dairy cow drying and optimization of its effective dose by means of its nanostructuring – RTA2015-00064-C02.
    Contact: Elena Garcia
  • IRTA cutting edge Project: Development of a novel recombinant platform for the production of antimicrobial nanoparticles: the first step in the fight against bacterial infections
    Contact: Anna Arís /Elena Garcia
  • Environmental Spread and Persistence of Antibiotic REsistances in aquatic Systems Exposed to oyster Aquaculture (SPARE-SEA)
    Contact: Karl Andree
  • MedAID
    Contact: Dolors Furones
  • NewTechAqua
    Contact: Enric Gisbert
  • LIFE SPOT:  Green solutions for treating groundwater pollution to meet drinking water directive standards – LIFE18 ENV/ES/000199
    Contact: Marc Viñas
  • LIFE AGRICLOSE: Improvement and disclosure of efficient techniques for manure management towards a circular and sustainable agriculture.
    Contact: August Bonmatí, Assumpció Antón
  • DECIDE: Data-driven control and prioritisation of non-EU-regulated contagious animal diseases
    Contact: Joaquim Segales, Marina Sibila, Toni Velarde
  • Estrategies to prent posweaning diarrhea in pigs of organic farming
    Contact: Emma Fabregas
  • BROILERNET – Practice and Science Broiler Production Innovation Network
    Contact: Natalia Majo
  • European Union Reference Centre for Animal Welfare for Poultry and other small farmed animals (EURCAW-Poultry-SFA-2020).
    Contact: Antonio Velarde
  • Deciphering Campylobacter coli-host interactions for the development of effective control tools in poultry farming (COLIBIO)
    Contact: Marta Cerda/Miquel Nofrarias
  • Synergistic strategies as biocontrol tools to reduce the use of antimicrobials, and minimize the spread of enteropathogens from swine farm to fork; a One Health approach (FAECAL-PHAGE)
    Contact: Lourdes Migura
  • Systems biology understanding of pathways and genes involved in immunometabolism: towards the joint improvement of immunocompetence and production efficiency in swine (METAPIGEN).
    Contact: Maria Ballester/Raquel Quintanilla
  • Study of the interrelations between the gut microbiota and animal behaviour (intestine-brain axis) in fattening pigs
    Contact: Yuliaxis Ramayo/Toni Dalmau
  • HoloRuminant: Understanding microbiomes of the ruminant holobiont
    Contact: Yuliaxis Ramayos
  • Holistic solution to improve animal food production through deconstructing the biomolecular interactions between feed, gut microorganisms and animals in relation to performance parameters
    Contact: Joan Tarradas
  • Assessment of the immunomodulatory effects induced by probiotic strains (as an alternative to antibiotics) on the regulatory mechanisms of inflammation and tolerance in birds (IMMUNO-FEED)
    Contact: J. Tarradas
  • KapPA: Cap a la desmedicalització del Porcí mitjançant estratègies nutricionals Alternatives a antibiòtics/antimicrobians.
    Contact: Joan Tarradas
  • GO ATENEAA: Aplicació proteïna d´insecte (TENEbrio molitor) per Alimentació animal i del frass per a Agricultura orgànica.
    Contact: Núria Tous
  • Projecte demostratiu LEAKYGUT
    Contact: Maria Devant / Sònia Martí
  • Estudi de la llet de Transició per a millorar . Projecte demostratiu Transimilk
    Contact: Anna Arís /Elena Garcia
  • Noves molècules antimicrobianes basades en HDPs per tractar el síndrome respiratori boví (Vetpharma)
    Contact: Anna Arís /Elena Garcia

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