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Efficient Use of Water in Agriculture


This program is aimed at producing knowledge and technology to improve efficiency in the use and productivity of irrigation water under water scarcity conditions. Wide experience has been gained in designing irrigation management strategies in a broad range of crops (such as almond, vines, olive, apple, peach, cherry, maize, etc.).

As a scientific basis for precision irrigation, special emphasis has been placed on the analysis of spatial and temporal variability in irrigation needs and in the sensitivity of yield to water stress. Practical application of this knowledge at farm and regional levels is enhanced with the development of smart tools based on the synergies between plant and crop sensors, crop modelling and remote sensing.


· Head: Jaume Casadesús
· Researchers: 4
· Support staff: 6
· Work centre: IRTA Fruitcentre


Relevant scientific publications:


Prats-Llinàs, M., Bellvert, J., Mata, M., Marsal, J., & Girona, J. (2019). Post-Harvest Regulated Deficit Irrigation in Chardonnay Did Not Reduce Yield but at Long-Term, It Could Affect Berry Composition. Agronomy, 9(6), 328. doi:10.3390/agronomy9060328

Domínguez-Niño, J., Bogena, H., Huisman, J., Schilling, B., & Casadesús, J. (2019). On the Accuracy of Factory-Calibrated Low-Cost Soil Water Content Sensors. Sensors, 19(14), 3101. doi:10.3390/s19143101

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