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Animal Welfare program


This programme’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of livestock production. Its research focuses on four topics: welfare at slaughter, evaluation of welfare from the farm to the slaughterhouse, strategies for improving the welfare of farm animals and sustainability in livestock production.


· Head: Antoni Velarde
· Research staff: 4
· Post-doctoral staff: 2
· Doctoral students: 1
· Support staff: 5


Relevant scientific publications:


Pejman, N., Kallas, Z., Dalmau, A., & Velarde, A. (2019). Should Animal Welfare Regulations Be More Restrictive? A Case Study in Eight European Union Countries. Animals, 9(4), 195. doi:10.3390/ani9040195

Fàbrega, E., Marcet-Rius, M., Vidal, R., Escribano, D., Cerón, J., Manteca, X., & Velarde, A. (2019). The Effects of Environmental Enrichment on the Physiology, Behaviour, Productivity and Meat Quality of Pigs Raised in a Hot Climate. Animals, 9(5), 235. doi:10.3390/ani9050235

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