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Agri-Food Economy


The main goals of this programme are to analyse the socioeconomic issues related to the production, conversion, distribution and consumption of food products; assess consumer preferences and behaviour towards agricultural-based products; develop and improve the competitiveness of agriculture and livestock production; analyse the sustainability of food systems and natural resources use from a systemic perspective; and understand the livelihood strategies and preferences of rural producers in the face of global change as well as the numerous and complex interactions between society and the local territory.



Relevant scientific publications:


Diaz-Ruiz, R., Costa-Font, M., López-i-Gelats, F., & Gil, J. (2019). Food waste prevention along the food supply chain: A multi-actor approach to identify effective solutions. Resources, Conservation And Recycling, 149, 249-260. doi:10.1016/j.resconrec.2019.05.031

Z. Kallas, E. Varela, M. Čandek-Potokar, C. Pugliese, M. Cerjak, U. Tomažin, D. Karolyi, C. Aquilani, M. Vitale, J.M. Gil. Can innovations in traditional pork products help thriving EU untapped pig breeds? A non-hypothetical discrete choice experiment with hedonic evaluation. Meat science 154: 75-85

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