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A group of Institut Montilivi students participating in the European Food for Growth project visit the facilities where the Casa Mas product range is made

In February and within the framework of the Food for Growth project, a group formed by a teacher and students of the Montilivi Institute together with technicians from IRTA and Casa Mas have visited the facilities where the manufacturing, packaging and subsequent treatment in High Hydrostatic Pressures of the range of Gazpachos and Salmorejo of Casa Mas are performed. These products constitute an innovation in the market by incorporating the aforementioned treatment in order to increase shelf life without adding any preservatives or additives in a fresh product.
These visits is the first step prior to the coworking session of the Food for Growth project that will take place in the IRTA on February 28th and in addition to the students and technicians of the company, will also be attended by representatives of consumer associations, media communication and broadcast professionals. In this session, the group of students and technicians will present proposals for a possible communication plan for Casa Mas gazpacho. Subsequently, an open discussion will take place in which the professionals will give their points of view on the proposals. The session will be attended by Daniele Rossi from Cofindustria, which is the coordinating entity for Food for Growth.
The coworking session will serve as an example of application, in a real environment, of the contents of the course that the students and technicians have followed through the project website ( This course, based on the Inverted Classroom training system, has been developed by the Food for Growth partners and represents the main expected result of the project.

The Food for Growth project is an Erasmus + Key Action 2 Project: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, whose objective is to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the food and beverage industry through the training of communication technicians and responsibility in the management of innovation in the agri-food sector.