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IRTA Amposta


Balada Road, km 1
Amposta, 43870 

GPS coordinates: 40º 42’ 29.63” N, 0º 37’ 56.39” E

Tel: 977 26 70 26
Fax: 977 74 69 15

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Amposta: It has offices (350 sq. m.), labs (100 sq. m.), warehouse (200 sq. m.), insectary (30 sq. m.), a experimental field of 8 ha in Amposta for rice, and another one in Bítem (4 ha) for citrus fruits and carob tree, besides other fields with temporary renting contracts. 

Gandesa: It has a warehouse (150 sq. m.) and an experimental field (11 ha) for vineyard, olive tree and almond tree (in irrigated land).