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Borges Blanques Field Station


Finca La Pujada, Camí de les Verdunes, s/n.
25400 Les Borges Blanques

Telephone number: (+34) 973 032 850
(Corresponds to the IRTA Fruitcentre, in the city of Lleida).

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IRTA has an experimental farm in Les Borges Blanques (Lleida), where it works mainly on the cultivation of almond trees.

It is a nine-hectare experimental field with automated irrigation, managed by the Fruit Production programme as a shared space with the Agricultural School of Les Borges Blanques. The trials carried out are mainly related to the agronomic and productive evaluation of new selections and varieties of almond trees, as well as different high-density production models.

In recent years, the farm has become a reference centre for the almond crop, with numerous technology transfer activities such as external visits by farmers and organisations and field days with a high level of participation.

The offices and equipment for its staff are located in the IRTA Fruitcentre.