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Krieger, M.; Hoischen-Taubner, S.; Emanuelson, U.; Blanco-Penedo, I.; de Joybert, M.; Duval, J.E.; Sjöström, K.; Jones, P.J.; Sundrum, A. (2017). Capturing systemic interrelationships by an impact analysis to help reduce production diseases in dairy farms. Agricultural Systems 153 :43-52

  • Animal welfare
  • Ruminants

Casal, N.; Manteca, X.; Escribano, D.; Cerón, J.J.; Fàbrega, E. (2017). Effect of environmental enrichment and herbal compound supplementation on physiological stress indicators (chromogranin A, cortisol and tumour necrosis factor-a) in growing pigs. Animal 8 (en premsa)

  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal welfare
  • Porcine

Magnani, D.; Ferri, N.; Dalmau, A. ; Messori, S. (2017). Knowledge and opinions of veterinary students in Italy toward animal welfare science and law. Veterinary Record 180 :225-232

  • Animal health
  • Animal welfare