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Montossi, F.; Font i Furnols, M. ; Del Campo, M.; San Julián, R.; Brito, G.; Sañudo, C. (2013). Sustainable sheep production and consumer preferences trends: compatibilities, contradictions, and unresolved dilemmas. Meat Science 95 (4 ):772-789

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Tallo-Parra, O.; Lopez-Bejar, M.; Carbajal, A.; Monclus, L.; Manteca, X.; Devant, M. (2017). Acute ACTH-induced elevations of circulating cortisol do not affect hair cortisol concentrations in calves. General and Comparative Endocrinology 240 :138-142

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Krieger, M.; Hoischen-Taubner, S.; Emanuelson, U.; Blanco-Penedo, I.; de Joybert, M.; Duval, J.E.; Sjöström, K.; Jones, P.J.; Sundrum, A. (2017). Capturing systemic interrelationships by an impact analysis to help reduce production diseases in dairy farms. Agricultural Systems 153 :43-52

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