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Rosa Trobajo

CÀRREC: Investigadora PROGRAMA: Aigües marines i continentals
TELÈFON 977 74 54 27 (centre)
CENTRE: IRTA la Ràpita

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Informació professional:



  • 2003: PhD in Biology, University of Girona. Thesis title: Ecological analysis of periphytic diatoms in Mediterranean coastal wetlands (Empordà wetlands, NE Spain).
  • 1998: MSc in Environmental Management, University of Girona
  • 1992: BSc in Biology, Autonomous University of Barcelona


  • 2006-Present: Researcher at IRTA Aquatic Ecosystems, Catalonia, Spain
  • 2004-2006: Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship at the Department of Botany, Natural History Museum of London, U.K.
  • 2000-2004: Teaching assistant, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Girona, Spain.
  • 1998-1999: Research Fellowship, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Girona, Spain.
  • 1995-1997: Teaching assistant, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Girona, Spain.
  • 1993: Holder of an European Exchange Work Programme Fellowship at Computer Cell Culture Centre, University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium.



Projectes destacats:


  • Project member: Rice adaptation to new industry demands and to climate change: new cultivars and cultivation practices (2015-2018). Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, INIA program. RTA2014-00058-C03-03. PI: Dra Conxa Domingo 
  • Project member: LIFE EBRO-ADMICLIM, Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the Ebro Delta (2014-2018). LIFE 13ENV/ES/001182. PI: Dr Carles Ibáñez
  • Project member: RISES-AM, Responses to coastal climate change; innovative strategies for high end scenarios – adaptation and mitigation (2013-2016). FP7-ENV-2013-two-stage. PI: Prof. Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla
  • Project member: Diatom assemblages of the marine littoral zone in regional and global scale in the light of morphological and genetic analyses. Phylogenetic,biogeographic and taxonomic implications (2012-2015). Funded by Polish National Science Centre – programme Maestro (2012/04/A/ST10/00544). P.I. Prof. Andrzej Witkowski.
  • Project member: Resolving the identity and correct designation of widespread diatom indicator species exhibiting phenotypic plasticity. EDIT Integration Research Grant, from the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT WP2, funded by EU FP6).
  • Member of the research contract: Monitoring the effect of a drought period on the ecological status of the Catalonian rivers (2008-2009). Financed by the Catalonian Water Agency. P.I.: Dr.Carles Ibáñez
  • Member of the research contract: Assessment of the ecological status of the lower Ebro River’s water bodies using diatoms and macroinvertebrates following the Water Framework Directive (2007- 2011). Financed by Catalonian Water Agency. P.I.: Dr.Carles Ibáñez.
  • Project member: Evaluation of the use of diatom cultures for biofuel production. Financed by Spanish Ministry of Science and Education (2007-2010), ENE2007-65033/ALT. Financed by Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. P.I. Prof. Joan Salvadó.
  • Project member: Effects of the improved water quality and the alteration of the flow regime on the biological communities (2006-2009), GCL 2006-1487BOS. Financed by Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. P.I. Dr. Carles Ibáñez.
  • Member of the research contract: Study and control of the black fly problem in the lower Ebro River area (2005-2007). Financed by the Catalonian Water Agency. P.I.: Dr.Carles Ibáñez.
  • Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship project: Experimental studies of morphological and physiological variation in Nitzschia spp: improving taxonomic delimitation and determining ecological tolerances for water quality assessment using diatoms. (2004-2006). Financed by EU 6th Framework Program.
  • Project Member, Biomass size spectrum dynamics of plankton in Mediterranean coastal lagoons and its use in coastal wetlands management.(2000-2003), CICYT REN2000-0641 / GLO. Financed by Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology. P.I.: Dr. Ramon Moreno Amich.
  •  Project Member: Viability of the one index based on the river phytobenthos community (2002-2003) Financed by Catalan Water Agency. P.I.: Dr. Sergi Sabater Cortés.
  • Project Member: High frequency fluctuations and system trend in a coastal salt marsh (Aiguamolls de l’Empordà). Effects of water management and mosquito control. Viability of re-flooding with reclaimed wastewater. (1996-1999), CICYT  HID96-0916. Financed by Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology. P.I.: Dr. Ramon Moreno Amich.
  • Member of the research contract: Monitoring of the ecological quality of water in the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park (1996-1997). Financed by Costa Brava Water Agency and European Commission (FIMMA). P.I.: Dr. Ramon Moreno-Amich.



Publicacions destacades:



  • Trobajo, R. 2007. Ecological analysis of periphytic diatoms in Mediterranean coastal wetlands (Empordà wetlands, NE Spain). In Witkowski A. (ed.), Diatom Monographs.Volume 7. Gantner Verlag, Ruggell. 210 pp.


Book chapters


  • Ibáñez, C., Caiola, N., Trobajo, R., Nebra, A &  Rovira, L. 2015 Biological indicators to assess the ecological status of river-dominated estuaries: The case of benthic indicators in the Ebro River Estuary. In Munné, A., Ginebrada, A. & Prat, N. eds. Experiences from surface water quality monitoring: The EU Water Framework Directive implementation in the Catalan River Basin directive (Part I). The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry 42: 149-170. Springer
  • Trobajo, R. & Sulliavan, M. 2010. Applied diatom studies in estuaries and shallow coastal environments. In: Smol J. P. & Stoermer E. F.: eds. The diatoms: Application for the envioronmental and earth sciences. 2nd edition. pp 309-323. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Ibáñez, C., Caiola, N., Sharpe, P. & Trobajo, R. 2010. Application of Ecological Indicators for the Assessment of Health for River Ecosystems. In: Jørgensen, S. E., Xu, F. L. & Costanza, R. eds. Handbook of Ecological Indicators for Assessment of Ecosystem Health. 2nd edition. Pp. 447-464. CRC Press.


Papers in refereed Journals


  • Vasselon, V., Bouchez, A., Rimet, F., Jacquet, S., Trobajo, R., Corniquel, M., Tapolczai, K. & Domaizon, I. 2018. Avoiding quantification bias in metabarcoding: application of a cell biovolume correction factor in diatom molecular biomonitoring. Methods in Ecology & Evolution, In press
  • Rimet, F., Abarca, N., Bouchez, A., Kusber, W-H., Jahn, R., Kahlert, M., Keck, F., Kelly, M.G., Mann, D.G., Piuz, A., Trobajo, R., Topalczai, K., Vasselon, V. & Zimmermann, J. 2018. The potential of high throughput sequencing (HTS) of natural samples as a source of primary taxonòmic information for reference libràries of diatom barcodes. Fottea, in press.
  • Carballeira, R., Trobajo, R., Leira, M., Benito, X., Shinya, S. & Mann, D.G. 2017. A combined morphological and molecular approach to Nitzschia varelae sp. nov. with discussion of symmetry in Bacillariaceae. European Journal of Phycology 52 (3): 342-359.
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  • Benito, X., Trobajo, R., Cearreta, A. & Ibáñez, C. 2016. Benthic foraminifera as indicators of habitat in a Mediterranean delta: implications for ecological and palaeoenvironments studies. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 180: 97-113. Link to the abstract
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