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  • DECR1 and ME1 genotypes are associated with lipid composition traits in Duroc pigs
    2014 | Ramirez, O.; Quintanilla, R.; Varona, L.; Gallardo, D.; Díaz, I.; Pena, R.N.; Amills, M.

  • Stability of phenolic compounds in dry fermented sausages added with cocoa and grape seed extracts
    2014 | Ribas-Agusti, A.; Gratacós, M.; Sárraga, C.; Guàrdia, M.D.; García Regueiro, J.A.; Castellari, M.

  • Immunochemical determination of fluoroquinolone antibiotics in cattle hair: a strategy to ensure food safety
    2014 | Fernández, F.; Pinacho, D.G.; Gratacós, M.; García Regueiro, J.A.; Castellari, M.; Sanchez-Baeza, F.; Marco, M.P.

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