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  • Acute ACTH-induced elevations of circulating cortisol do not affect hair cortisol concentrations in calves
    2017 | Tallo-Parra, O.; Lopez-Bejar, M.; Carbajal, A.; Monclus, L.; Manteca, X.; Devant, M.

  • Effect of Bacillus spp. direct-fed microbial on slurry characteristics and gaseous emissions in growing pigs fed with high fibre-based diets
    2017 | Prenafeta-Boldú, F.X.; Fernandez, M.; Viñas, M.; Lizardo, R.; Brufau, J.; Owusu-Asiedu, A.; Walsh, M.C.; Awati, A.

  • Modelling the impact of water activity and fat content of dry-cured ham on the reduction of Salmonella enterica by high pressure processing
    2017 | Bover-Cid, S.; Belletti, N.; Aymerich, T.; Garriga, M.

  • Web app for real-time monitoring of the performance of constructed wetlands treating horticultural leachates
    2017 | Cáceres, R.; Pol, E.; Narvaez, L.; Puerta, A.; Marfà, O.

  • Effects of agri-environmental and organic rice farming on yield and macrophyte community in Mediterranean paddy fields
    2017 | Martinez, M.; Curcó, A.; Ibáñez, C.