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FIGEAL: Physiological and genetic basis of differences in growth rates observed in cultivated clams

Starting date: 01/01/2018 End date: 31/12/2020
Programme: Aquaculture

Financing entities:

The proposed objectives include:

  1. To identify the genetic factors responsible for differences in growth rate by differential gene expression studies and linkage ( QTL )
  2. To determine the physiological parameters and morpho- functional features that explain the differences in growth rate
  3. To establish correspondence between genetic and physiological components of growth .

To achieve these goals, energetic physiology tools (measures of physiological parameters that integrate the equation of energy balance – scope for growth- ) will be used; the size of the most important organs ( gill and digestive gland ) will be measured; and transcriptomic tools (microarrays, RNA- Seq, quantitative PCR) will be used to identify genes and / or metabolic networks associated with growth differences in the segregated growth groups. Polymorphisms will be searched in the clam genome by using GBS markers in clam families, with the aim of making linkage maps and detecting QTL associated with growth and growth-related physiological parameters.