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HOTLINE: Harmonisation of transmissible disease interpretation in EU

Starting date: 25/01/2018 End date: 24/01/2019
Programme: Animal health

Financing entities:

The purpose of this project is to make disease information comparable and interpretable across MSs and associated non-MSs so as to develop the ability of risk assessors, risk managers and policy makers to communicate in a standardised way.
To this end, we will provide a series of tools that will promote harmonised reporting of disease data, specifically in:
  1. Estimates of the true prevalence of infection, adjusting for the imperfect sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic tests. These estimates will be directly comparable among various countries, sampling, testing and study settings.
  2. Tools for the comparison of relevant laboratory data considering factors resulting from non-random sampling or pertaining to specific population strata.
  3. Promote entering, combining and illustrating data for application of the data by risk managers, as well as for consistent and harmonised reporting of surveillance information.
  4. Sharing knowledge with non-project researchers, risk assessors and risk managers.

Importantly, these tools will be freely available, user-friendly with step-by-step explanations, which will facilitate their use by the interested parties, stakeholders and researchers (who may be unfamiliar with the often complex underlying models and processes).