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G-RAID: Generic approaches for Risk Assessment of Infectious animal Disease introduction

Starting date: 29/01/2018 End date: 28/09/2019
Programme: Animal health

Financing entities:

The objective of this project is the mutual exchange of knowledge on the development, assets, and drawbacks of each of the generic risk assessment frameworks and models that have been developed in recent years by the consortium members. Focus will be on the investigation of options for standardization of input data and algorithms used in these risk assessments, and the exploration of options for validation of these kind of risk models. Exchange of expertise and experience in the development of generic risk models between the consortium members is expected to strengthen the risk assessment capacity of each of the consortium members by:
  • taking notice of the approaches used by the other consortium members,
  • further development and validation of developed approaches with the combined expertise available in the project team, and
  • increased access to the tools and expertise available at the consortium members’ institutes.

As such, this project will allow for more timely and better tailored response to risk questions of national and international authorities in the European Union on emerging and re-emerging pathogens. Furthermore, standardization of input data and algorithms will save time in the development phase of new tailor-made models. In addition, validation of existing and new models will increase the credibility of the results obtained, which are used to inform risk managers on priorities for prevention, surveillance, and control.