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EUCLID: Lever EU-CHINA for Integrated Pest Management demonstration

Starting date: 15/09/2015 End date: 14/09/2019
Programme: Sustainable Plant Protection

Financing entities:

More sustainable pest control methods are needed to reduce the negative effects of pesticides on human health and the environment. Euclide’s overall goal is to help ensure the production of food for an increasingly large population throughout the world, while developing sustainable production approaches that will be used in European and Chinese agriculture.

The choice of crops of interest to Euclid, that is, fresh tomatoes, table and wine making, and leafy vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, etc.) is based on its economic importance for the production, for both Europeans and the Chinese, fruits and vegetables, but also as an example in the representation of different production systems (field + greenhouse and woody perennials). This means that the solutions of the project could be used as models for the development of similar actions for other crops. The project is structured in 3 R + D (WP) workpackages, a WP dedicated to demonstration in the field, one for dissemination and a WP dedicated to project management.

The project will take advantage of the complete knowledge developed in recent years on the Integrated Pest Management to adapt and optimize the tools and approaches that have not been achieved in the field or the market. In addition, the consortium will work on the development of solutions of management of high potential pests of innovation.

The consortium has been selected to integrate, from the beginning, the main final users of the results of the project: associations of farmers, SMEs, economists and politicians. The consortium also has good coverage of both European and Chinese experts, in order to take advantage of the experience of each region and to more efficiently adapt the pest management solutions to the specific problems of European and Chinese farmers.

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