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The Sustainable Field Crops program aims to contribute to the scientific progress and the economic and environmental sustainability of agrosystems based on herbaceous species of large crops through research and innovation in the fields of plant genetic improvement and agronomy.

The main lines of research are aimed at:

  • Understand the mechanisms of cereals adaptation to the main abiotic stresses typical of Mediterranean environments in order to be able to incorporate them into the new plant material.
  • Develop new omics tools (genomics and fenomics) that allow to increase the efficiency of the improvement in the obtaining of new and more productive varieties, of better quality and more resilient.
  • Increase efficiency in the use of resources and study more efficient cultivation practices that respect the environment while improving productivity.

An important part of the activity is carried out in agreement with the sector through improvement programs to obtain new varieties of cereals, the evaluation of the behavior of the new varieties of different crops and the transfer of technology .



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