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Olive oil evaluation course

Date: Del 19-03-2018 al 23-03-2018 Ubicació: Món St. BenetSant Fruitós de Bages, Barcelona Preu: (check the course website)


Extra virgin olive oil is a rising food. It is regarded both as a healthy food and as a gourmet product. It is imported by non-producing countries and by new producing ones. This means that there is a general need of information about quality issues.

This course is focused on training people in critical quality assessment for trading purposes. The sensorial analysis method will be tough, enhancing its usefulness for high quality oil trading. The goal is to increase the ability to detect fake oils, identify mislabelling and to highlight the useful information required for a good EVOO characterization.

More than 130 olive oil samples will be tasted in order to better understand the relevant attributes, how are they linked to the origin of the sample and how they are perceived by the end user.

A course certificate will be delivered to each attendee.

More information on the course website: