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 Genetic characterization of 1500 cultivars and breeding lines of the European peach 





Researchers from the FruitBreedomics European project have genotyped close to 1500 peach germplasm accessions, varieties and breeding lines by means of a SNP chip. This will allow to better understand the genetic bio-diversity of the European peach germplasm, the identification of SNP markers for fruit quality, and disease resistances.

Summary data from more than 30 apple breeding programs were also presented indicating that most important breeding traits taken into account by European apple breeders were related to fruit quality (texture mainly) and disease resistance (apple scab, powdery mildew). Thanks to these results, presented at the annual meeting that took place in Prague (Czech Republic) from February 7th to 10th 2012, breeding companies and institutes will be able to create newer varieties more efficiently.

During the annual meeting the decision of the development of a high density apple SNP chip (between 20 to 50K) was announced and made public to the international apple genomics community.

With participation of more than 30 breeding companies from the EU in the stakeholder meeting intense interaction with apple and peach breeders and researchers of the project took place. This will allow tailoring the research efforts to breeders needs to generate new better quality and more sustainable fruit varieties.

FruitBreedomics strives to improve the efficiency of existing fruit breeding programmes by bridging the gap between fundamental, molecular genetics research and fruit breeding. This large collaborative project brings together 24 full partners and 3 invited ones from 10 European countries plus South Africa, New Zealand, Israel, China and the US. The partnership includes research institutes, universities and small and medium enterprises which bring to the project wide-ranging and in-depth expertise in genetics, genomics, ecophysiology and bioinformatics.

FruitBreedomics started on the 1st of March 2011, with a budget of 10 million € co-financed by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission with 6 million €.

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