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Alcarràs Experimental Farm 


Alcarràs Experimental Farm

Partida Montagut s/n
25180 Alcarràs




Animal welfare

The subprogramme Animal welfare study the behaviour and welfare of cattle, pigs and sheep on farm, while in transport and during their slaughter. The transversality of a subject such as animal welfare allows it to be included in different research lines, such as meat and carcass quality, nutrition, genetics, rabbits, ruminants, poultry and aquaculture.

Their lines of work are:

  • Animal welfare during slaughter.
  • Animal welfare during transport.
  • Evaluation of animal welfare in farm and at the abattoir.
  • Alternatives to the practice of painful processes.

Antonio Velarde Calvo

Antonio Velarde Calvo
Cap del programa

Tel: 902789449

Monogastric Nutrition

The subprogramme Monogastric nutrition offer solutions to all nutritional problems. Special priorities: food safety, animal health and welfare, quality and nutritional and sensory characteristics of products of animal origin, the effect of intensive production on the environment, characterization and use of new ingredients and food systems, the development and registration of new additives in animal feeds.

Their lines of work are:

  • Intestinal health and food safety. Alternatives to growth promoter antibiotics. Enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, acidifiers, plant extracts, flavouring, clys. Immunomodulators.
  • Nutrition and environment.  Animo acids and analogues. Enzymes.
  • Nutrition and quqlity of the end product. Modification of corporal composition, modification of the lipid profile of meat and eggs. Functional foods. Pigments.
  • New ingredients and by-products
  • Liquid feed for pigs.

Enric Esteve Garcia

Enric Esteve Garcia
Head of Nutrition & animal welfare program

Tel: 902789449

Technical Facilities

It has 6 buildings:

1 for Poultry (1150 laying hens and 1900 broilers)

1 for Ruminants (52 calves and 38 nursing calves)

3 for pig transition (500 piglets), 2 for fattening (250 pigs)

1 for alternative poultry species (800 partridge and quail)

Unique equipment

Currently being undertaken adequacy of Experimental Farm Alcarràs with the investment project financing with European Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013.