This Program works on evaluation of meat quality from a technological, nutritional, sensory and social point of view with regard to genetics, food, pre and post mortem treatment of meat (pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, poultry) and fish.

Consumer preferences. Knowledge of consumer opinion and acceptability in meat and fish related aspects.

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  • Relationship between pig carcass characteristics measured in live pigs or carcasses with Piglog, Fat-o-Meat'er and computed tomography
    2017 | Lucas, D.; Brun, A.; Gispert, M.; Carabús, A.; Soler, J.; Tibau, J.; Font i Furnols, M.

  • Influence of thermal stress, floor type and double feeder on growing-finishing pig performance, dirtiness and meat quality
    2017 | Duarte, T.; Huerta, M.; Gonzalez, J.; Pallisera, J.; Casal, N.; Dalmau, A.

  • ¿Quién vive en zona de dehesa conoce mejor al cerdo ibérico?
    2017 | García-Gudiño, J.; Brun, A.; Gispert, M.; Perea-Muñoz, J.M.; Blanco-Penedo, I.; Font i Furnols, M.